Dirt Reynolds started in a back yard with loud Rock n Roll blasting and motorcycle engines rumbling. We all started thinking that food would be a good thing to have and to us, that means it’s BBQ time!!! So I went into the kitchen and started throwing stuff together to make a kick ass BBQ sauce. I thought to myself…Self, what is it that makes your taste buds want to scream for more?

 I have tried BBQ from all over this great country of ours.  Kansas City to the Carolina’s down to Texas and up to Montana and all kinds in between. I realized that it doesn’t matter where your from, it matters what you like. BBQ is one of the most recognizable styles of food to this day.  It is American and can not be mistaken. When some one says lets have a BBQ it means that y’all are going to have a good time! It brings friends and family together and creates a memorable event.  You can love Sports of all types from Racing to Ball games you can even be at a wedding, people love BBQ. It is the American way.

 The way I see it, My food had to have a “In your face” kind of flavor. Sit back and enjoy what your doing and eat some good ol BBQ!