Order your own Sawce and Rub! 

The Sawce, can't go wrong with craft sawce! $8.00 per jar +s/h

All the things that made Dirt Reynolds what he is today inspired this sawce. White knuckle driving, 1000 horse power of maximum performance and the desire to deliver the best BBQ that will explode in your mouth with pure desire. 

We now make 3 kinds of Sawce, for the novice that can't take to much heat we have 89 Octane.  The original "Standard 93 Octane" for the people that like some kick and for the professional the new "High Octane 106" that  gives  you that hot feeling in your mouth when you take a bite outta Hell.

  Sit back, put the pedal to the metal and taste the delicious feeling that will make you have a mouth-gasm.

Stroker Dry Rub  $5.00 per tin +s/h

Rub generously over your meat! Massage it in real good and let it sit for 24 hours if possible. Sweet and spicy, exploding in your mouth like a bullet from a .45!  Good on Beef, Pork, Fowl, Gator, Squirrel, Bison or Road Kill.

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